Modern Tier List

The Gathering’s Modern tier list is data-driven that looks at the past three weeks’ worth of MTGO Event results to determine which Modern decks are currently the best and most seen. There is a small amount of player input in regards to arrangement, but these lists are primarily reflective and backward looking.

S Tier 

A Tier

Bant Nadu *New*

Ruby Storm *New*

Tron ▲

Izzet Control *New*

B Tier


C Tier

Mono-Black Midrange *New*

Amulet Titan ▼

Rakdos Scam ▼

Living End ▼

D Tier

Izzet Murktide ▼

Boros Burn

Mono-Black Scam

Jeskai Control

Golgari Yawgmoth ▼

Mardu Midrange *New*

Weekly Results

*Mardu Midrange was added as a late comer and is a deck that has seen good results towards the end of this data sets range. The D Tier addition is a nod to it possibly doing better in next weeks data set with addtional time.

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