Pauper Tier List

The Gathering’s tier lists are data-driven lists that look at the past month’s worth of MTGO Challenge Top 16s, 3-1 or better in prelims and Top placings in large paper events to determine which decks are currently the most popular and likely to be seen at any given event. There is a small amount of player input in regards to arrangement, but these lists are primarily reflective and backward looking.

They could be considered a power ranking, a popularity contest, or anything similar, but are not adjusted to provide advice. We do not currently give advice on deck selection for this format, but if you or someone you know is a format expert we’d love to feature a fan-made list elsewhere on the site.

Updated On the First Of Each Month



Mono-Red Burn

Grixis Affinity ▲

Caw-Gate ▲


Jeskai Ephemerate


Gruul Ponza ▲

Goblin Combo


Golgari Gardens ▼

Mono-Blue Delver ▲

Dimir Faeries ▼

Rakdos Madness ▲

Izzet Monarch

Monthly Results

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