Timeless Tier List

The Gathering’s MTG BO3 Timeless tier list is data-driven that looks at the past  week’s worth of MTG event results, top finishes, and overall entries to determine which Timeless decks are currently the most popular and likely to be seen at any given event. There is a small amount of player input in regards to arrangement, but the list is primarily reflective and backward looking.

Updated Every Friday

S Tier

A Tier

Boros Energy

Rakdos Scam

4C Beans

Dimir Control

B Tier

Sultai Midrange

Show and Tell

C Tier

Titan Field

Orzhov Vampires

Domain Zoo

Dimir Scam

Jund Midrange

Dimir Nightmare

D Tier

Rakdos Burn

Grixis Death’s Shadow

Mono-Black Scam

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