Pioneer Tier List 6/25/24: No Data, No Problem!
June 25, 2024
By IslandGoSamE

MTGO results are down. Gone. What do we do now?

No, despite our initial reaction,  this is a perfect opportunity to learn what to do when preparing for a tournament with very little data to go off of. 


Step 1: Find the Established Metagame


Thankfully, Magic is not yet at a point where a new set is released every single week, so looking back at previous week’s metagames is still a great starting point, especially towards the middle/end of a format’s cycle. Outlaws of Thunder Junction released 2 months ago now, so the metagame at this point has mostly stabilized to any new additions to the format. While there are still some innovations week-to-week (such as the new High Noon Jeskai Control deck), especially during weeks with no new data being released, we can safely assume that nothing too drastically changed that would prevent us from using previous week’s data to make reasonable conclusions.

Step 2: Scrounge the Internet

Here’s where it really pays to be chronically online. There are a lot of great people out there who spend a large majority of their free time reposting deck results and sharing analysis of metagames. Fireshoes and Bamzing on Twitter are both great places to find decks while MTGO results are down. 

While Discord servers can also be a great place for individuals to share data and results, I would be slightly more wary of these avenues when looking for good reliable data. Dedicated archetype-specific servers can be a breeding ground for FNM Heros and bad actors, people who want others to look to them as experts, while they have close to no quantifiable results to back it up besides having different colored nametag. If you are good enough at parsing through the good and the bad, these channels can be ok at finding new ideas that players are already testing. 

Step 3: Just Jam


Unless you are going to play versus pro players who have their own dedicated testing team, as long as you put in the time to prepare, your opponents are usually going to be in the exact same position as you in times like this. Just play your games and build your deck like you normally would, and don’t be too afraid of being a week behind the metagame. Everyone else is too!

Well, unless you read this week’s TheGathering Pioneer Tier List. Then you’re really ahead of the competition.

S Tier

A Tier

Izzet Phoenix

Rakdos Vampires

Amalia Combo

Mono-Green Devotion

B Tier

Waste Not

Lotus Field ▲

Gruul Prowess



C Tier

Izzet Ensoul


Azorius Control

Quint Combo 

Mono-Red Burn 

D Tier

Boros Heroic ▲

Rakdos Tree Combo *New*

Boros Convoke ▲

Dimir Control ▲

Jeskai High Noon *New*

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