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February 5, 2024
By The Gathering Staff Team

Gathering Once more

The Magic: The Gathering world that we grew up in was full of vibrant community and players trying to help each other learn and grow and become the best that they could be. There was a distinct shift in perspective around five years ago, when the pandemic took the gathering out of Magic, and since then, the Magic world has felt a lot more “survival of the fittest” – monetized and profit focused – and something mystical was lost.

That’s where The Gathering comes in. We are trying to recapture that feeling of community. We want more than just the people willing to pay a subscription fee; we want more than to treat Magic like it’s a part-time job. We want to make content for the love of the game, to share our experience with those who came after us, and to provide an avenue for Magic players to become one big community again. They say that the best part of Magic is “The Gathering”, and that’s what we’re here to prove. We’re excited to get this ball rolling, and are looking forward to sharing all the fun stuff we have in store for you. 

When we think of the best parts of Magic for us over the years, no amount of match wins, tournament Top 8’s, or convention center travel compares to the people who we’ve spent all of those years with. That goes for everyone here. For us, that is what The Gathering hopes to become: a nexus for you, me, and all the people in between to celebrate Magic together.

Whether it’s looking at the latest high-level pro events, tier lists of what to play, cool decks to take down your local FMN, podcasts about Magic History, or a new format altogether, Magic is much more fun when we’re doing it together! Join us and bring your best to the table as we all convene here at The Gathering to create something new in the Magic scene.

Worker’s Cooperative

The want for community extends to our relationship as workers as well, and we are launching The Gathering as a 100% employee-owned workers’ cooperative. Each person you will see on the staff team has an equal stake, voice and vote on the direction and success of the project. With nobody to answer to but our audience and ourselves, we believe we can create a better space that is free from over-monetization and content directions that put profit over quality.

Thank you for visiting and for making it possible for us to create this space, and we look forward to building it – together.


The Gathering Staff Team

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